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Everything You Need to Know About Botox Alternatives

Healthier & More Vibrant Skin

Did you Know That There Is A Trusted Alternative to Botox San Francisco?

Welcome to the first step toward brighter, healthier, more vibrant skin without the use of harsh toxins. Although Botox has been a popular cosmetic service in the United States, poor side effects of the treatments have those looking for anti-aging treatments turning to better alternatives. At Plasmagique, we’re the most trusted provider of an alternative to Botox and face lift surgery San Francisco. Using effective and safe Botox alternatives, our skin specialist can help you effectively smooth lines and wrinkles to give you a younger, refreshed look. Our expert team is here to help you tighten sagging, dull skin and erase those frown lines to look and feel your best!



Upper facial

This can include an eyebrow lift, as well as forehead lift for all horizontal lines, vertical lines, and worry lines. Smoothing and lifting hollow temples, crows feet, and frown lines are also available.

Mid facial

Mid facial treatments may include a cheek lift and ear area wrinkles rejuvenation. Horizontal lines, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, accordion lines, and folds are also available.

Lower facial

Lower facials can focus on the mouth corners, jowl/jawline tightening, smile lines, vertical lip lines, lip lift / lip flip and chin augmentations.

Leave Your Skin Looking Fresh

Discover the Most Advanced Alternative
San Francisco Facelift Services
Right In The Bay Area

Reverse the effects of aging with non-surgical skin tightening treatments that eliminate wrinkles and leave your skin looking fresh! Get ready to look and feel younger? Contact us today to schedule your San Francisco facelift consultation conveniently located in the Bay Area.

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Advance Technology

Are you considering a face lift San Francisco? Our Jet Plasma treatments and Plasma Fibroblast treatments are popular, non-invasive solutions used by both men and women throughout the country, to help you look and feel younger.

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Skin Rejuvenation

You can look and feel your best with skin rejuvenation treatments from a professional specialist. Look younger, feel more beautiful, and leave everyone wondering about that new glow you’re sporting with Plasmagique.

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Anti-Aging Treatments

Our anti-aging treatments are the most advanced, non-invasive skin lifting, tightening, and rejuvenation treatments in the area. If you’re looking for alternatives to a facelift that uses cosmetic surgery, Botox, or other traditional procedures, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Choose Plasmagique for Your Face Lift San Francisco?

If you’re interested in anti-aging treatments, you need to find the right team to get the results you desire. A nonsurgical facelift can take years off your appearance with the right team. The best part is that with minimal downtime most people won’t even realize you’ve had any treatment.

At Plasmagique, we’re dedicated to offering the professional services you need to look and feel your best. Our qualified skin specialist understands what it takes to get you the results you’re hoping for from experts you can trust. We are a locally owned and operated business and are committed to bringing balance back to your system, offering proven treatments with instruments approved by the FDA. Our local professional understands what it takes to get you the results you’re hoping for and regularly attends training to stay up to date on the latest methods and treatments.

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Whether you’re looking for a facelift, San Francisco blepharoplasty alternative services or need a mommy makeover San Francisco, your solution is just over the bay bridge. You get the following when you choose to improve your beauty with us:

  • Compassionate specialist with experience in all types of anti-aging treatments
  • Financing options for certain treatments
  • Various treatments to get the results you desire
  • A portfolio of satisfied clients
  • Exceptional products that bring accurate results

Ready to look and feel your best with non-invasive treatments that rejuvenate your skin? Contact us today to discuss your options and create a plan that helps you reach your beauty goals!

Treatment that works quickly

Plasmagique’s Alternatives to Facelifts for the Bay Area

Finding a beauty treatment that works quickly is crucial in today’s fast-paced, filter-focused world. If you are searching for a traditional face lift surgery San Francisco or elsewhere, you need to know that there are alternatives to “going under the knife”.  Face lift surgery is no longer the best way to get the results that you desire. Instead, many alternatives to a conventional facelift have become popular in the beauty industry.

Using the world’s most advanced, non-invasive skin lifting, tightening, and rejuvenation treatments, Plasmagique’s expert helps patients eliminate wrinkles and treat sagging dull skin. And we do it without the pain, a lot of downtime, and the high costs of traditional facelift San Francisco treatments.

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Keep reading to discover how our Plasma Fibroblast treatment and other alternatives offer you desired results without pain and unnecessary downtime. When you contact Plasmagique in the Bay Area we will schedule a consult with you on your desired results and schedule your alternative San Francisco facelift treatment to have you looking and feeling better quickly without the need for surgery.

Effective and affordable treatment

A Non-Invasive Mini Facelift Bay Area Residents Need!

Make everyone wonder why your skin is glowing with a younger, refreshed look! Our anti-aging skin care services are effective and affordable, offering immediate results with continued improvement for 8-12 weeks that last several years!

In addition to our alternative treatments to Botox San Francisco, we offer:

  • Plasma Fibroblast– Eliminates wrinkles and tightens sagging dull skin

Begin your journey toward the healthiest, most vibrant skin you’ve ever had. When you contact Plasmagique, our skin specialist will help you choose the right combination of treatments and services to get the results of your dreams. Remember, caring for your skin should be a lifelong commitment and requires ongoing maintenance of many types, including keeping yourself nutritionally and physically in shape. We focus on processes that provide both short and long-term results to leave your skin feeling and looking great!

Contact us today to discuss your options and schedule your mini facelift San Francisco.

Jet Plasma Sessions

1 Session


4 Sessions


6 Sessions


8 Sessions


With Chest Area

add $50 / session

+SERA meso therapy

$650 / session

+BIOREPEEL + SERA meso Therapy

$900 / session

Jet Plasma Packages

Jet Plasma + BioReTherapy & SERA MesoTherapy
Jet Plasma + BioReTherapy & XO8 Therapy
Jet Plasma + BioReTherapy
Jet Plasma + XO8 Therapy
Jet Plasma + SERA MesoTherapy Serums


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